Smokestack Series

Smokestack Series

Inspired by industrial chimneys and the stacked logs at lumber mills, The Smokestack Series celebrates the natural fluidity of wood grain and the unique characteristics of hemlock through a collection of stools, tables, and candles.
Solid hemlock smokestack stool with a crack
Solid hemlock smokestack stool sitting with various other wood stools with a light on top

Smokestack Stool

from $650.00 CAD
Solid wood smokestack dining table surrounded by various wood stools
top detail of smokestack dining table with the smokestack stool

Smokestack Dining Table

from $4,200.00 CAD
Smokestack Pillar Candle & Holder
Smokestack Outdoor Dining Table
Smokestack Pillar Candle
Smokestack Bench

Smokestack Bench

$2,600.00 CAD