Smokestack Series

Smokestack Series

Made from solid hemlock, the Smokestack series celebrates the unique grain of the tree each piece is made from and gives the eye a visual feast of changing angles amongst simplicity.
Solid hemlock smokestack stool with a crack
Solid hemlock smokestack stool sitting with various other wood stools with a light on top

Smokestack Stool

from $650.00 CAD
Solid wood smokestack dining table surrounded by various wood stools
top detail of smokestack dining table with the smokestack stool

Smokestack Dining Table

from $4,200.00 CAD
Smokestack Pillar Candle & Holder
Smokestack Outdoor Dining Table
Smokestack Pillar Candle
Smokestack Bench

Smokestack Bench

$2,600.00 CAD