Smokestack Outdoor Dining Table

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The same design and philosophy as the original Smokestack Dining Table, but made in western red cedar to be suitable for the outdoor elements. The half inch gap between the slabs that lets you feel a 'timber' language that resembles stacked piles of lumber at mills - paying homage to the craft, and letting wood be wood. The bases with the changing angles let you experience a grain waterfall that showcases the one of a kind nature of that exact tree. This table is an investment for your family and with proper care, as it sits in the natural outdoor elements you will see it evolve over time.

Handmade in British Columbia, Canada and ready to ship between 60-90 days.

The sunshine coast forest being hit with rays of light.

Our Materials: Cedar

We chose cedar for our outdoor Smokestack Dining Table because cedar has natural oils that protect it from outdoor elements. The inherent oils that lie deep in this species is what gives it the ability to live for thousands of years. When you receive your piece, close your eyes and breath deep letting you experience the intoxicating oils that lie within red cedar.