Smokestack Bench

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The Smokestack Bench is a solid wood bench made from sustainably harvested western hemlock sourced from British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. The bases with the changing angles let you experience a grain waterfall that showcases the one of a kind nature of that exact tree. This bench is an investment in the heart of your home that will accept the patina of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and last for centuries. Available in two finishes: natural and charred black.

Handmade in British Columbia, Canada and ready to ship between 60-90 days.


Dimensions: 72" wide x 17" tall x 14"deep

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth or dust. Do not leave standing water on the piece. Indoor use only. Natural water based cleaners recommended.

Materials: Solid hemlock

The sunshine coast forest being hit with rays of light.

Our Materials: Hemlock

The reason we chose hemlock as the main species in our wooden products is that it is the most sustainable choice. The forests of the Sunshine Coast are abundant with good sized hemlock trees that are dying or coming to the end of their life. This is happening as a result of how forests are re-establishing from early 20th century logging. Not only is Hemlock the most sustainable option, it is the best kind of wood for our Smokestack Series thanks to its strength and durability.