Revolve Planter

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Combining the natural elements of red cedar and the rustic beauty of concrete, our planters bring together materials reflective of the West Coast. With a durable finish, our planters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sold in the following variations: small and medium, medium and large, and small, medium and large.

Handmade in British Columbia, Canada and ready to ship in 120 days.


Consisting of two separate pieces, the Revolve Planters merge two alluring West Coast building materials, red cedar and concrete— to create a stacked, pillar-like form.

Available in a range of height combinations— small, medium, and large— to craft a dynamic landscape for your indoor or outdoor space.

Each concrete pot is 8" inches in height, and sit on top of the cedar bases.

The planters will ship in 2 separate boxes.


25” / 34” / 43” including the concrete tops.


For cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth or use natural, water based cleaners.


Custom sizing combinations are available. Send us the specs for your project to and we can happily provide you a quote.


Handmade in British Columbia, Canada and ready to ship in 120 days.

The sunshine coast forest being hit with rays of light.

Our Materials

We're committed to making only conscious choices when it comes to the materials we use for our products. We choose materials that no only are the best for the tool we're creating, but have the smallest environmental footprint.