Forage Stool

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We love the story behind these pieces. We went into a clear cut on the Sunshine Coast and took off several stump tops by chainsaw. We then whittled them down by hand and brought them back to our workshop where we milled them to form. Each piece has a copper plate imprinted with the exact coordinates of the stump it was taken from - so if you ever are wandering in the lost forest, you can find the stump your piece came from. Each Forage Stool varies slightly in size telling its own unique story. The species will vary depending on the stump. Mostly Douglas fir (as shown).

Handmade in British Columbia, Canada and ready to ship between 90-120 days.

The sunshine coast forest being hit with rays of light.

Our Materials

We're committed to making only conscious choices when it comes to the materials we use for our products. We choose materials that no only are the best for the tool we're creating, but have the smallest environmental footprint.