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Designed to embrace the natural fracture of the wood as the tension releases, the Core Light combines the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a sophisticated geometric approach. By embracing the ball form you will experience grain like never before. Each sphere spins allowing you to direct the light as you please. Light your table, the wall with art behind, or face upwards as you burn our Grove Series at an intimate party.

Made from western red cedar and placed around an innovative, dimmable LED light rod suspended by thin aircraft cable to hang quietly.

Handmade in British Columbia, Canada and ready to ship between 60-90 days.


Made from western red cedar and placed around a dimmable LED light rod. Hung quietly by a minimal aircraft cable.

Can be made with raw cedar, natural hemlock, or charred cedar with brass detailing. Available. with 3, 5, or a single 8” diameter sphere. Please contact us for more information.

Cracks are result of the naturally occurring tension in the core of the trees and will vary from piece-to-piece. This does not impact longevity or degradation of the product over time.

Nature's perfect imperfection—no two pieces are alike.

Made for indoor use only.


Fixture will range in size depending on the number of ball forms chosen.

The individual ball forms measure 8” in diameter.


Before cleaning or performing maintenance, always turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

Gently wipe or brush the surface of the fixture to remove dust build up.


Customization options are available. Please reach out to us at with your project specs and we can happily provide a quote.


Handmade in British Columbia, Canada and ready to ship in 120 days.

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The sunshine coast forest being hit with rays of light.

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