Our Community & Manufacturing

Since day one, we've said that it takes a village to raise a product. Nearly a decade later, this conviction still holds strong—it's the namesake of our brand and symbolizes the ongoing curiosity that drives us forward. Barter is honored to partner with a network of artisans, including woodworkers, ceramicists, architects, glass-blowers, blacksmiths, and other talented creatives throughout British Columbia.

Legacy-building Partnerships

We’re proud to collaborate with local manufacturing partners who share our commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and community. These partnerships go beyond production; they represent a shared dedication to preserving heritage, enduring quality, and empowering local communities for the future generations to come.

Commitment to Craft

Behind every curve, joint, and finish of a Barter product lies a story of its origin. We cherish this narrative-rich approach and seek artisans who can bring it to life with passion and precision. They not only embody tradition and possess years of honed expertise, but also continually push the boundaries of creativity and possibility.

Open for Collaboration

We will always welcome new opportunities that uphold our core values while driving innovation forward. By fostering this culture of shared collaboration and play, we aim to create meaningful change within the industry, one partnership at a time.