Sharing Bowl Series


Hand made in small two-person facility on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Barter introduces a new series of Sharing Bowls from its terracotta origins with 4 new high fire stoneware bowls. Dimensions 5”w x 1.75”h. Dishwasher safe. Oven Safe. The stoneware bowls are more durable and will not stain with or without a glaze. (Wholesale in Minimums of 12Per Colour)

5”W X 2”H

10010  Barter terracotta
10040  White earthenware glazed
10050  Black stoneware
10060  Oatmeal Stoneware
10061  Oatmeal Stoneware glazed
10070  Bark Stoneware
10071  Bark Stoneware glazed
10080  Honey Stoneware
10081  Honey Stoneware glazed

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