Lift Stool


Beautifully crafted Cylinder stool, side stable, bedside table. Made in BC with local timber species such as western red cedar, hemlock, and douglas fir. High quality finish. Built to last, definitely an object that can be handed down generations.

This stool was developed to make things a little easier moving these blocks around. The rope provides a strong handle to carry or hang these blocks. Imagine a row of 7 of these blocks hanging on heavy duty hooks out of your way. This rope adds a whole new level of play to our Barter block program. Available in natural, white, or black.

20500  Natural (with rope)   Dimensions 12.5 W x 17" H

20501  Blackened (with rope)    Dimensions 12.5 W x 17" H

20502  White (with rope)   Dimensions 12.5 W x 17" H   

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